Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This past week has been quite the roller coaster. I don't think I felt so worked up and jittery in a while. As many of you know, Mathew has been trying to find an internship for the fall. His catalog expires next July so if he doesn't finish all of his classes, he will have a whole new load of classes to take before he can graduate. So, this fall was his last chance to do an internship in order to avoid catalog expiration. You can probably imagine the stress and anxiety I have been feeling. My schooling has just really taken a back burner. I just don't really care if I'm the top performer or getting straight A's for the first time in my college career. I know I will be graduating and that is all that matters on my side. All I have cared about this semester is helping him find an internship. He is so busy with school and works so hard that I couldn't just make him do it by himself.

*I do not want this to sound like an "I'm an amazing wife" post...I just am trying to convey the stress that I have been experiencing lately*

Well anyways, many many many prayers have been said, just hoping we would get blessed with an amazing opportunity....or just any opportunity. I was on campus a few weeks ago thinking about this internship thing (of course) and I had this surprising thought to text Angela. I wasn't sure why, I didn't know if she actually knew any engineers but I decided to listen to that little prompting. I sent her a text and within an hour maybe she had already called me with an incredibly perfect (like perfect as in Mathew's ideal area of mechanical engineering) opportunity. I was floored. I seriously could not believe it. The second Mathew got home, we searched the website and found out everything we could about the company and then he majorly got out of his comfort zone and gave the place a call. They asked for his resume so he emailed it and before the end of the night, he had an interview the next day. Again floored. His classes were cancelled that day (surprise? I think not) and so we made the spontaneous trip to Layton in the morning.

He was so dedicated and determined to do well in this interview. Interviews make him really nervous, they are basically nonexistent for working farm jobs haha. So he woke up early and went to a practice interview on campus. It finished just in time for us to get on the road. I literally drilled him with interview questions the entire way down (I guess Junior Miss came in handy), and he was so ready by the time we pulled up to the place. I, being the nervous wreck that I am, was crocheting my life away in the car while I waited. I was just trying to keep my mind as busy as possible while trying to hold as still as possible in the blasted hot car. He was in there for forever, so I figured it was a good sign. Anyways, so the interview went well, except he didn't get asked ANY of the questions we drilled, even the ones that I have been asked in every job interview without fail.

Fast forward a week. He submitted the application but hadn't heard anything yet. I was going crazy! She was so insanely prompt at first that the second it slowed down a bit, I was so nervous. So we began the process of checking out other options. Nothing was moving forward and I turned into miss crazy again. Then miraculously one afternoon while I'm sitting in textiles and monitoring Mathew's email (I know I am seriously insane) he got the answer to our prayers. The reason we hadn't heard anything was because the background check was being processed, and as soon as it was finished, he'd receive an offer letter and start date! I was about to cry in the middle of my class I was so happy. So yeah, after this massive long story, Mathew has a paid internship!

Then the apartment hunt began. This is something that stressed me to my max when we moved to Blackfoot last fall. I just knew we weren't going to be able to find a short-term lease in our price range. Miracle of miracles, I got on Craigslist last night and a girl had just posted that they wanted to sell their lease that ended in January...exactly when we would need to move back to Rexburg, and RIGHT by where Mathew would be working and across the street from the mall where I was hoping to work at JCP. I of course immediately called and it just seemed too good to be true. It could not be this easy. We worked everything out today and we are going to Layton again this weekend to sign papers!

I just feel like so many prayers have been answered and worries have been diminished these last couple of days. We were getting so discouraged after so many companies were saying no or not responding. I was feeling helpless. Even though I pretended there was, there really wasn't anything I could do. I couldn't call the companies for him. I couldn't interview for him. I definitely couldn't do his homework for him. But those were all things I was dying to do to help.

*Also, I definitely do not want this to sound braggy or self-righteous. That is not at all my intention. We just feel incredibly blessed at the moment and I have needed to get these feelings of stress and excitement out for a while.*

We are so excited to move to a new place for a while. He is excited (even if he doesn't show it) to work at such a cool place. Oh by the way, the internship is at a place called KIHOMAC and they redesign and rebuild airplanes for the Air Force. Now that this stress is gone, I'm sure I will find something else to worry about. Maybe someday I'll start worrying about school and my graduation speech...but not today. Today has been a celebration day.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

NEW blog! Almost

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am working on a blog that I will actually post in regularly. I just don't post here like ever because nothing exciting happens very often. We are in school...I work...Mathew donates plasma...and I sew/crochet. Which is the inspiration for my new blog. It's going to be a sewing tutorial, crochet tutorial, all around crafty blog. I have been working on some fun projects and would love to share them but I don't get motivated to share on this blog because it's not really a craft theme. This new blog will be dedicated to all things crafty and anything else I want to post so get excited, because it should be fun! But realistically it may not be going until after graduation. That's right GRADUATION!!! So excited to be finished :)