Friday, December 23, 2011


Clearly blogging has not been a priority for me. I have been so caught up in crocheting that I just haven't had the energy/desire to blog. So here is the what I'm assuming to be boring catch-up.

We are slowly recovering from our car issue. We set up a budget and attempted to stick to it but quickly learned that we aren't good at it. We are good at coming up with excuses for purchasing unnecessary things, but we are trying to be better.

Black Friday was so exciting for me. I finally got to go out and enjoy the shopping and craziness instead of being stuck in the JCPenney suit department for 12 hours. We made a last minute decision to buy a Kinect and split it between each other's Christmas budgets. We rushed to Wal-Mart about 15 minutes before the sale started and managed to get a Kinect at a rockin price. It has been wrapped and under our tree since then and I've been dying to get it out. We opened it tonight at my family Christmas party and we LOOOOVE it. It is so incredibly fun and a good work-out! Best decision ever. Our challenge since buying it has been to not overspend on games and accessories.

So like I said, I've been super busy with crocheting and I am incredibly grateful for that. I have received way more orders than I expected and have really had to challenge myself if someone asks for something different. The extra money has saved us through this expensive season. Things have slowed down this last week and I'm also really happy for that. It's been nice to relax this week. Since Mathew finished work a little bit ago, he's been staying home with me and watching me crochet. While we sit, we've been re-watching this:

ever seen it? If not, you need to watch it. We finished all the seasons a while ago but had nothing else to watch on Netflix so we started it again and it's still funny. We'd be very bored people without Psych. It's been keeping us happy while we've packed up our apartment too.

We get to move back to Rexburg on Tuesday and we are sooooo excited! I am so ready to be back in Rexburg surrounded by my peers and back in school. It's my second to last semester. Yay!! Since it's my last (and first actually) winter semester, we decided to take a plunge and buy season passes to Targhee. We figured we needed to take advantage of the student discount while we could even though we didn't really have that kind of extra money. Oh well. We went once already and it was so fun. I can't wait till there is more snow and we are closer and can go all the time!

I think that sums it all up. I pretty much have just been crocheting up a storm and watching Psych. I'm hoping to get some more business once I'm up on campus. I've got business cards and everything. :) Again, feel free to spread the word. Word of mouth has proved to be the best way to get sales. Thanks for all the support!