Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Drama Queen

Okay okay okay. Let's all take a moment to roll our eyes one last time at my previous post. I was in a really bad place that night and blew things out of proportion. Not the first time. I still think I have a minor food addiction but it's not too late to fix it. I'm just surrounded by a bunch of crap and not wanting to resist it because it's too hard. We have two short weeks until we close on our house. I'm going to chill out and just do my best but not beat myself up if I don't eat very well these next two weeks.

In two weeks I will be in control of our food. I know what to eat to be healthy. I've done it before and I can do it again. Mathew is 100% on board with me this time which really helps too. We are going to do P90X3 and finish it. I'm so so so excited. We will have to workout super early in the morning but I feel so good whenever I do that. His job also has him take a one hour lunch so I'll have his help during that time.

At the advice of my sister, I decided to not publicly shame myself by posting food journals. There was no need for it. However, writing that post really really helped me chill out so I'm still glad I wrote it, despite the drama queen in me that came out. ;)