Love Story

Most of you who read my blog probably already know this story but I'll tell it anyways. Just to refresh.

Mathew and I met in April 2010. We were Family Home Evening siblings. At first, we didn't really talk. We both were shy and quiet. We went throughout the semester doing lots of activities as a family (FHE family that is). We went wakeboarding, played ultimate frisbee, went to the ice caves, had game nights, and lots more. We were all just good friends. Well, the semester ended and him and I were pretty much the only ones left in Idaho, him and Blackfoot, me in Idaho Falls. We decided we'd hang out. The first time we hung out together just us, I went to Blackfoot and we went to the potato museum (yeah it exists), then floated the river and ended by playing guitar hero at his house. It was a fun day. Still just friends. We talked here and there on Facebook, hung out a couple other times, but nothing really went anywhere.

At the end of September, he invited me wakeboarding so I ignored my mounds of homework and drove to Blackfoot. This was probably really the day when we both realized that we got along really well. We started talking more. Next time we hung out, he took me skimboarding. I was really nervous. I didn't want to make an idiot out of myself but I wanted him to see that I was willing to try something new. That was a good day. We kept talking. A few days after skimboarding, I got a text from his cousin (he was also my FHE brother that same semester). He asked if I liked Mathew, claiming it would be good if I knew. Well, I took a little risk and said yes and all I got back was "thank you." A few days after that, Mathew invited me to Blackfoot to make smoothies. I got there while he was still working so I rode around in his truck with him for a couple hours. I'll skip the little details...he held my hand, kissed me, and well we were dating.

We dated for a couple weeks then decided it was time to think about getting married. Yeah, yeah, we're crazy...oh well. After two months, we were engaged. He put my ring in a peanut butter M&M bag when he proposed. The M&Ms were not peanut butter, but instead were personalized M&Ms with the phrases: "Candace and Mathew" "I love you" and "Will you marry me?" I loved it and was so surprised. Our engagement was killer. We were engaged for four months and that whole time I was commuting to and from Salt Lake City to do an internship. I thought it would never end but it finally did. We made it. We were married on April 9, 2011 in the Idaho Falls Temple. We are loving newlywed life. Well at least the days when we don't have mounds of homework.