Monday, June 3, 2013

One Month!

Ellie turned one month old yesterday! That was probably the fastest month of my life! I have learned a lot in this first month and know I have a lot more to learn. One thing I have learned is that Mathew is the most helpful, reliable, selfless person. Any time I need a break, he is there to take Ellie without complaining. He is completely willing to get up with me in the night to help me get her back to sleep after she eats. She loves her daddy and is usually more than willing to go to sleep for him! He definitely has a magic touch with her. I would not have survived this first month without his help.

Some things about Ellie. She has been a good sleeper from the beginning (at least most nights). She will usually get a good 5-6 hour stretch in, then she is up every couple of hours after that. I am always so grateful when I wake up that first time with her and the clock says 3:00 a.m. instead of 12:00 or 1:00! I have never been so grateful for every minute of sleep. She likes to be bounced. A lot. It gets pretty exhausting so it's nice to be able to take turns. She is working on liking her binky. I have to slip it in when she is in just the right mood, otherwise she screams. She still loves her Halo blanket but is about too long for it! Not good, I have no idea how she will sleep once she has grown out of that thing, or it's too hot for it. She loves to just lay on the blanket and stretch and kick. She's starting to "talk" a little bit while she does it too. She smiles a lot in the morning. I know they aren't supposed to be "real" smiles until about 6 weeks but I'm convinced some of them are real. She has definitely looked right at us and smiled after we've done/said something. She has a stinking cute smile and it just makes my whole day to see those smiles. She likes being shushed to sleep but is starting to enjoy being lullabied. So far, I've discovered that I Am a Child of God and A Child's Prayer put her right to sleep a lot of the time. She is definitely growing but is still so tiny! I was convinced we wouldn't use all the newborn diapers we were given, but we have already bought twice as many and it doesn't look like she will fit into the 1's anytime soon. But, she is finally getting to wear some of the 0-3 month clothes! I am so excited to finally have some variety and to not have to do laundry every day!

Now here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure from yesterday morning. Mathew was taking tons of pictures of her after she ate (hence the bib) to try and catch a smile. Sadly he didn't get a full smile, but someday we will capture one! Also, someday I will be a good mom and put bows and headbands on her. I am just not that ambitious yet.